• intervention duration: about 1 hour
  • hospitalization method: 1 day
  • anesthesia: local with sedation
  • postoperative rest: 1 week
  • return to social life: 2-4 days
  • complete healing: 8-10 weeks

Balance and proportion to the ears and face

"Protruding" ears, asymmetrical or too big? Otoplasty remedies the imperfections and pathologies affecting the external auricle.
Also called auricoplasty, this cosmetic surgery procedure is among the most requested in the world and is aimed at people of all ages.
Often the blemishes or malformations of the ear generate embarrassment, influencing the social relationships of the patient, whether child or adult.
Otoplasty, with a simple and minimally invasive correction, allows you to radically change the appearance of the face, making it harmonious, with obvious psycho-social benefits.

The intervention

In adults, the procedure is performed under local anesthesia with sedation, so as to allow the patient not to feel any pain while remaining conscious, while general anesthesia is generally required for children.
The surgeon proceeds with the incision in the back of the auricle, from which a small lozenge of excess cartilage will be removed.
This portion of tissue is remodeled to give a better configuration of the ear, allowing for example the reconstruction of the fold of the antihelix, usually absent or poorly accentuated in cases of protruding ears.
The cartilage is then folded and sutured with temporary stitches and a bandage is applied to the top of the head to protect the operated area (to be kept for the two days following the operation).

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