• intervention duration: about 1 hour
  • hospitalization method: 1 day
  • anesthesia: local
  • postoperative rest: 4-5 days
  • return to social life: 2 weeks

Reshape your body naturally

Did you know that it is possible to reshape the face and body without resorting to temporary prostheses and fillers but using fat cells from other areas of excess localized fat? This may be why lipofilling, an innovative aesthetic medicine technique, is meeting with increasing success.
Safe and risk-free, this procedure allows fat deposits to be dissolved and removed from a donor area of the patient - for example the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, often resistant to diet and physical exercise - using ultrasound waves and without damaging the fabrics.
Suitably treated, the fat taken contains autologous growth factors capable of controlling and stimulating the regeneration of skin cells. Perfect for redesigning the silhouette, lipofilling gives volume to different parts of the body such as buttocks and breasts, restores volume to the cheekbones and fills in the deepest wrinkles, without resorting to artificial substances.
The result is soft and smooth skin with a completely natural lifting effect.

The intervention

Before proceeding with the operation it is necessary to anesthetize the area to be treated with a tumescent anesthetic solution.
At this point, the high-frequency vibration transmitted by the high definition ultrasound probes of the Vaser Lipo HD allows the adipose tissue to be fragmented, making it disperse in the previously injected liquid.
A small diameter cannula then aspirates the fat to be removed in a targeted and precise way, which is centrifuged with the aim of purifying it from the anesthetic and blood and obtaining a fat suitable for subsequent use

In a second step we proceed with the implantation of the adipose filler in the area that needs treatment, through the use of a thin cannula.
At the end of the operation - the duration of which varies according to the size of the areas to be treated - the surgeon applies an elastic-compressive bandage to help normalize the tissues and prevent any edema and hematoma.
Recovery times are short, with a return to normal social life within 4-5 days. The use of an elastic girdle for a month is also recommended. The results are visible approximately one month after treatment. of the top of the head to protect the operated area (to be maintained for the two days following the operation).

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