Screening tests are the first step towards diagnosis.
Whether the objective is to determine the nature and seriousness of a disorder, monitor a pathology or simply evaluate the state of health of our body as a method of prevention, diagnostics allow us to obtain a faithful image of the area to be observed.
Thanks to the latest generation techniques, all safe and non-invasive, AraMedica can make use of various diagnostic methods - useful for all specialist medical branches - to quickly provide a clinical opinion and establish the right therapy and treatment.

Discover now all the diagnostic techniques at our disposal


Ultrasound is a diagnostic test capable of providing information and faithful images on the health of organs, glands, subcutaneous structures, muscles and tendons in many parts of the body thanks to the use of ultrasound emitted by a special probe.
Non-invasive and safe, ultrasound does not use ionizing radiation and is one of the most widely used tools in various clinical settings as a first-level examination. The equipment supplied by AraMedica in the field of diagnostic imaging also includes the Samsung HERA W10 ultrasound (acronym for Hyper-aperture and Enhanced Reconstruction Architecture ), an ultrasound platform capable of offering very high quality images .
Thanks to the new Crystal Architecture imaging architecture that combines CrystalBeam™ and CrystalLive™ in the latest generation S-Vue™ transducer , the survey provides high-quality , noise-free and clear 2D images and high-resolution 3D animations with a perception realistic depth, for a more confident diagnosis.


Only for internal use only in support of plastic and maxillofacial surgery

Another important diagnostic tool available at our center is radiography , a technique based on the use of X-rays (ionizing radiation) to analyze various anatomical structures such as the respiratory, osteoarticular and abdominal organs.
By exposing the patient to radiations - albeit at low doses - the examination, in order to be performed, requires a specific indication from a doctor and is carried out by a specialist in radiology or a radiologist technician.
AraMedica has a portable system for radiological diagnostics of the highest quality which allows accurate clinical diagnoses to be made while respecting the patient's well-being.
During the examination, the area to be observed is brought into contact with the machine which generates radiation, which passes through the patient's body and impresses the radiographic film. The image obtained is determined by the different absorption of X-rays by the tissues and is able to provide a complete image and precise and accurate diagnoses.

MOC - Bone Densitometry

Bone densitometry, also known as MOC ( Computerized Bone Mineralometry ) is a painless radiological examination capable of measuring the density of minerals (calcium salts) in our bones.
It is dedicated to the prevention and monitoring of osteoporosis, but not only: the MOC offers a wide range of applications, such as in orthopedics and paediatrics.
In AraMedica this exam is performed by the Stratos dR, a latest generation device capable of combining reliability and speed. Equipped with a 2D Fan Beam detector , of 256 pixels, it allows in fact to acquire high resolution images with very short scan times, for an optimal and fast diagnosis.
The included device also provides comprehensive and accurate body composition assessments for lean mass and fat mass analysis across the entire body.

Analysis laboratory

Only for internal use only in support of plastic and maxillofacial surgery

To guarantee maximum safety and the necessary comfort for its patients, AraMedica guarantees a wide range of routine and specialized analyzes with professionalism.
Thanks to environments equipped with the latest generation diagnostic tools and highly qualified and competent medical and technical staff, our portable analysis laboratory is able to provide increasingly accurate clinical data in a short time.
In addition to blood tests - one of the most common routine tests - AraMedica is able to offer specialist investigations based on the patient's needs and his/her treatment path.

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