• intervention duration: 30 minutes
  • number of sessions: 8-10 weekly
  • hospitalization method: outpatient
  • anesthesia: not necessary
  • postoperative rest: not necessary
  • return to social life: immediate

A breath of fresh air for your hair

Oxygen is the most important chemical element for our body. It is thanks to the so-called cellular respiration "activated" by the oxygen molecules inside the cells of the body that the production of energy takes place.
That energy that also serves to ensure the health of the hair.
If the scalp is not oxygenated enough, the hair follicles are affected and deteriorate, contributing to hair loss.
Carboxytherapy helps to stop this process, improving the vascularisation of the scalp - and therefore oxygenation - and providing immediate nourishment to the hair bulb.

How does it work

Carboxytherapy consists of a cycle of intradermal or subcutaneous micro-injections of medical carbon dioxide, with the aim of dilating the blood vessels and supplying nourishment locally, promoting hair regrowth.
By acting on microcirculation and skin regeneration, it is an important aid in contrast therapies for androgenetic alopecia and in the treatment of alopecia areata.

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